Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream

Bread spread with 33% malty beverage powder Ovomaltine.

Produced in Switzerland. Enjoyed all over the world.

Try Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream on your bread roll, croissant or crêpe and use it as an ingredient for your cakes, pastries and ice cream.

What makes Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream so special?

Two things make our Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream irresistible. The first is, of course, the incredibly crispy Ovomaltine bits and the smooth texture of the spread - Ovomaltine is the only product that combines the crunchy with the creaminess.

And the second reason why Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream is sooooooo tasty? It is the unique combination of malt and cocoa.


Please note:
Store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

Nutritional Values
Additional Product Info
33% malted beverage powder Ovomaltine (barley malt extract, condensed skimmed milk, condensed milk permeate, 13.3% fat-reduced cocoa powder, sugar, fructose, minerals (magnesium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate), rapeseed oil, vitamins (A, E, C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid), salt, flavouring vanillin), sugar, rapeseed oil, fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil, hazelnuts, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), mineral dicalcium phosphate, 0.4% fat-reduced cocoa powder, antioxidants (ascorbyl palmitate, alpha-tocopherol), flavouring vanillin.
Contains: Milk (including lactose), Hazelnuts, Cereals containing gluten, Barley, Nuts
Nutritional Values
100 Gram 1 Portion (20 Gram)
Amount Unit %NRV / VNR * Amount Unit %NRV / VNR *
Energy   545 kcal   109 kcal
Energy   2275 kJ   455 kJ
Fat   32.0 g   6.4 g
of which saturated fatty acids   5.0 g   1.0 g
Carbohydrate   59.5 g   11.9 g
of which sugars   54.5 g   10.9 g
Protein   3.8 g   0.8 g
Salt   0.25 g   0.05 g
Vitamin A   260 µg 33   52.0 µg 7
Vitamin E   4.0 mg 33   0.80 mg 7
Vitamin C   26 mg 33   5.3 mg 7
Thiamin   0.36 mg 33   0.07 mg 7
Riboflavin   0.46 mg 33   0.09 mg 7
Niacin   5.3 mg 33   1.1 mg 7
Vitamin B6   0.46 mg 33   0.09 mg 7
Folic acid   66 µg 33   13.2 µg 7
Vitamin B12   0.83 µg 33   0.17 µg 7
Biotin   17 µg 33   3.3 µg 7
Pantothenic acid   2.0 mg 33   0.40 µg 7
Calcium   267 mg 33   53.4 mg 7
Phosphorus   267 mg 38   53.4 mg 8
Magnesium   120 mg 32   24.0 mg 6
Additional Product Info
Regulated product name
Bread Spread with Ovomaltine*
Net content
380 g
Number of servings per package
Consumer storage instructions
Store away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.
Preparation instructions
Ready to Eat.
Country of origin
Distributor name and address
Wander AG, Fabrikstrasse 10, CH-3176 Neuenegg
Manufacturer name and address
Wander AG, Fabrikstrasse 10, CH-3176 Neuenegg